Being a woman is a lifestyle not a part-time job

- Siyana Kostova

Modern women need modern solutions to all kinds of problems. Especially when it comes to their most personal, but then again most problematic parts.

How often have you changed your outfit last minute or your plans, because of your period?

Modern women cannot be bothered to get distracted by such trivial moments as menstruating. In a world full of competitiveness, and a society changing faster than the weather in Denmark, we have no time to lose focus of the more important things- self-care, career, family.

We are super-women! No matter what, no matter when.
— Female Cup.

As such, we work more, and better, we accomplish more and greater.

We should NOT forget something very important, though.

We have to support each other, help each other, and connect with each other. This is why our girls-only-team decided to created something special only for women. At Female Cup, we not only offer a demand-supply connection, but also we want to be close to our girls and connect them with one another. We are giving a kickstart to an all-women community that is connected around a common style of life:

being the best YOU at any period.