What is a menstrual cup?

- Siyana Kostova

Smart ladies know better

Are you wondering what a menstrual cup is, how does it work, and why is it the solution for modern girls? If you answer yes to any of these questions continue reading.

What is a menstrual cup, actually?
The Female Cup is a silicon menstrual cup that collects menstruation instead of absorbing it. It is based on a 100% medical-grade silicone, which makes it the safest alternative to use while on your period. The cup does not contain any additives that may harm your own body, as tampons and pads do. The Female Cup is in fact antibacterial on its own, due to the slippery surface of silicone. Tampons and pads, on the other hand, can often cause a bacterial infection or misbalance the natural pH levels in your vagina. Getting your period is already as uncomfortable as it is, why make it worse?

“How do you work your way with a menstrual cup?” - one might ask.
Using a menstrual cup is a simple as it could be, too. You put it in as it is explain here , you empty the content no later than 12 hours after you put it in, wash it, and insert it back inside your vagina. How often exactly do you have to empty the menstrual cup depends on every woman’s body. Using a menstrual cup, however, prevents you from constantly fearing that your favourite dress will be ruined or someone else will know that you are menstruating. The Female Cup does not leak, since it stick to the vaginal walls. Nothing goes out, unless you decide it.

Why switch to a menstrual cup now?

Switching to the Female Cup menstrual cup might sound a bit scary, but from personal experience, once you get used to it, you will wonder why haven’t you done it earlier.
Empowering women begins with letting them have a saying about their own body. Being able to feel comfortable even in the most unpleasant times is a must, for all of us. Modern women need modern solutions, in order to be free to prosper and maybe conquer the world.

The change begins when you become the best YOU at any period.
— Female Cup.