Designed for women,
by women

Your period will never be the same. No period will ever be the same.

How often do you tell yourself or your friends “I wish I was born a man, at least I wouldn’t bleed by the schedule every month”? As if the discomfort, dryness and irritation of wearing a tampon or a pad weren’t enough. Ladies of the 21st century, worry no more, because there is a single solution to all of your lady-problems: the Female Cup.

This is a silicone-based cup, which, after being correctly inserted inside the vagina, collects your menstruation for up to 12 hours. Unlike tampons and pads, the menstrual cup does not contain any additives or chemicals, that can cause discomfort during this already unpleasant period. Also, there is no risk of leaking. With this menstrual cup you will no longer have to put your life on pause, because of menstruation.

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