How to use Female Cup ?

On this page you will find everything you need to know about how to use Female Cup, and answer some of the most common questions related to its usage (For more answers check the FAQ section).

Using Female Cup guide

If you are about to use the menstrual cup for the first time, you may want to reserve more time for trying it out. Like all new skills, inserting and removing Female Cup takes a little practice to master - but once you do, you will love it.

Female Cup is a carefully designed bell-shaped cup that fits your body and guarantees comfort of wearing. The little grid stem at the bottom is engineered to carefully assist you throughout insertion and removal processes.

Before using Female Cup

Cleaning and sterilization

It is very important to sterilize the menstrual cup before the first use, as well as once a month between the periods. You can do it either right before you use your cup, or at the end of your period, as you prefere. In order to sterilize Female Cup, put it in a deep pot filled with boiling water (no added detergents) and boil for 5 minutes. Remove immediately after the recommended time has passed. Your cup is now ready to use.

Insertion manual

1. Clean your hands before starting.

2. Wash cup using water and mild soap (or just rinse it with water).

3. Fold Use one of the folding method illustrated below

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 17.31.36.png

4. Relax It can seem difficult the first time around but learning how to control your pelvic muscles can be really beneficial.

5. Position Take a position that is most comfortable for you. For example you can stand, sit, squat, or stand with one leg raised (e.g. on a toilet seat or stool).

6. Insert Hold the folded cup in one hand and gently separate your labia with your free hand. With your vaginal muscles relaxed slowly insert the cup horizontally into the vagina opening, pointing it toward the base of your spine. Optionally, wet the Female Cup in water to make the insertion run smoother (or use the water base lubricant - read more about lubes in FAQ).

7. Release Once the cup is in its place, the cup will pop open and create sealing suction.

Note: A correctly inserted Female Cup should be entirely open and hidden inside your vagina, however its position depends on your individual body anatomy, particularly the position of your cervix during menstruation. If you cervix is low (meaning you can easily reach it with your finger), you may experience the stem sticking out from your vagina. In that case, remove the cup and trim the stem to the desired length (see guide below).

8. Rotate Reach the base of the cup (not the stem) and turn the cup one full rotation in either direction to make sure it is fully open and sealed.

9. Check Insert a finger inside and gently go around the base of the cup - it should be all evenly round. If you feel that the cup is not fully opened, try to gently press the vaginal wall just below the cup with a clean finger. This will make space for it to open. Alternatively remove the cup to insert it again.


Likewise the insertion routine, start with a thorough wash of your hands before removing the cup. To remove, gently pull on the stem of Female Cup until you can reach the base of the cup. Squeeze the bottom of the cup to break the suction and continue to pull down to remove it. Empty its contents in the toilet and wash the cup with warm water and mild soap or wipe it with a tissue and reinsert, but remember to wash it properly at your next convenience

Not sure when to empty it?

You can wear Female Cup for up to 12 hours depending on your flow. If you are not sure how much blood you lose during menstruation, try to empty the cup more often until you find the perfect balance. Initially, you may also wear an extra pad to secure possible leaking - see FAQ.

Remember, "even miracles take a little time". Practice makes perfect - once you learn it, you will be able to insert and remove Female Cup in seconds.

Trimming the stem

As the natural length of the vaginal canal varies from woman to woman, the stem is designed to be trimmed as required. The tip of the stem should sit just inside your vagina.

If your cervix is very low, you may need to remove the stem completely, but we recommend that you practice removing your cup without using the stem first. Never attempt to cut the stem while wearing your cup, trim the stem outside of your vagina. You can self-check the position of your cervix (see the guide here - FAQ) but it is always recommended to do it around or during menstruation as the position of cervix is changing.

Maintenance and storage

Remember to only put a well-cleaned (or sterilized) and dry cup into storage. Female Cup comes together with a silk pouch which is recommended for storing your menstrual cup in between periods. You can use another fabric bag but never store Female Cup in a plastic bag or container with little air access as it risks growing mold.