Our Story

Great Minds think alike

Ambition. Entrepreneurship. Creativity. Equality. Freedom.

These five principles connected two busy girls, with completely different backgrounds, on how to inspire, help and relate women with a hustling lifestyle. We all have at least one thing in common - menstruation. We aspire to create a society where “period” is not a taboo word, where women can connect, inspire and help each other. Just like we did. We figured out that if someone wants to do great things in life, they should start being their best self first. This is where the Female Cup was born.

“That time of the month” is often the reason to not do certain activities, as wearing your favourite dress, do sports, or sleep in your favourite position.

We thought about how can women be at least as equally successful as men, if one of them does not occasionally bleed for a week. This is a problem for all of us, especially in a fast-changing society where every minute counts. You can’t afford to lose time checking if your pad or tampon has leaked every couple of hours, or skip your morning yoga class, because you might end up with a puddle of blood on the mat. Being a woman of business requires sacrifices, but not with your own self and comfort.

Ladies, we got your back!

The Female Cup - a menstrual cup that provides safety and comfort at any time of the month, no matter what, so YOU can do YOUR thing, and be great!

If this is what you want to be, read more about the Female Cup here.