The Female Cup

What is a menstrual cup?

The Female Cup is a silicone-based cup that collects the menstruation. It is the healthier and easier alternative when it comes to “that” time of the month again. It is the more convenient solution not only for the female body, but also the environment and budget.

Why healthier?

The Female Cup is based on 100% soft medical-grade silicone and it is free for latex and any additives. Unlike tampons and pads that contain unhealthy additives, the menstrual cup does not absorb natural liquids. This is key to keeping your pH-balance intact. It is designed to collect ONLY menstruation. Thus, any possible irritation and dryness are eliminated.

Why silicone?

Silicone is a commonly used, man-made material derived from naturally occurring elements, that are durable and easy to clean. It is in fact antibacterial due to the slippery surface of the material. Thus, there is no risk of bacterial infection and disbalanced pH levels in your vagina. There has not been any cases of allergy or skin irritation caused by the Female Cup.

Have you ever wondered what is inside the tampon?

Cotton – most would probably answer – but the truth is a bit more complicated. Cotton itself isn’t enough absorbent, so the manufacturers often add synthetic fibers to increase tampons’ absorbency. Not to mention that their clean, ivory color is usually obtained by a bleaching process which uses chlorine dioxide. That doesn’t sound healthy, right?

Why Eco-friendly and Cost-efficient?

By choosing reusable menstrual cups you are saving landfills from toxic waste from disposable sanitary products and trees that need to be sacrificed for the production of paper-based products.

One Female Cup lasts 10 years! If we have to compare the initial investment in a menstrual cup to the cost of disposable pads and tampons, it can save a lot of money. In her lifetime, a woman will use more than 12,000 tampons or pads, on average. Almost all sanitary pads and tampons are made with cotton, plastics or contain other additives. This is not healthy for your body or safe for the environment. Our solution to all these problems is Female Cup.

Why more convenient?

The Female Cup is simple to use. It can stay in for up to 12 hours – you just need to empty it 2 times a day. The soft silicone it is made from ensures that there will no longer be uncomfortable feelings. You can also use it while sleeping, without stressing that it will leak.

With the Female Cup you can be prepared for all joyful times, as it enables you to do all kinds of sports. Now you can go swimming in your favorite bikini, go riding, dancing, jumping or whatever you prefer, with zero risk of leaking.